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  • Customs Brokerage

    In the global market place, rapidly changing demands on production and delivery schedules have placed increase responsibility on Customs house broker to provide expert customs services. Doorping can able to do custom brokerage to help your goods clear quickly and efficiently by taking advantage of the latest customs release initiatives and reviewing your product to make sure they comply with specific regulations. This hard earned and privileged status gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to negotiating difficult consignments and dealing with the inefficiencies of bureaucratic procedures. Doorping is comprehensively trained in the languages and unique Customs procedures of each specific area of operation. We realize that dealing with customs matter can be challenging. Our customs experts can guide you through the complexity of customs formalities, regulations and compliances. Partnership of forwarding and brokerage services eliminates costly and unnecessary delays from working with separate companies. Our experienced team guides you in securing and organizing all the necessary documentation for customs filings to process and final customs brokerage entries more quickly and accurately.

    Our Capabilities

    • Multimodal customs handling
    • Compliances & permits
    • Trusted partners
    • Late hour operations
    • Special approvals

    Our Services

    • Import & export
    • Ocean, air and land customs brokerage
    • Product specific experts
    • Entries and filings